At Elevation, we look at opportunities on a flexible basis

The key things we need to know are…..


What you want to achieve
An outright sale, phased or to integrate your standalone business into Elevation and look to grow with the group. Provided that your outlook is consistent with ours, we can often shape a structure that satisfies everyone.

Where you are based
The Midlands, South East including London and The Cotswolds are where we have representation currently.

How you are structured
Number of IFAs, administrators and technical staff, as well as the detail on your premises. This will indicate if we are looking at a stand alone project or one that can potentially integrate with an existing site.

Fund management style
Looking at where your IFAs invest money, the process behind it, and costs to deliver. Here we are looking to assess if there is synergy between management styles that can be harnessed.

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