Take a look at the profile of IFA practices aquired by Elevation

Gough Financial Service Ltd – December 2011

GFS was the first acquisition of the group which brought Elevation into Birmingham. This business was a small retiring practice where the owner retired after a year with the business. During that time all new systems, procedures and staff had to be brought up to pace for this practice to act as a cornerstone to the group expansion.

Bricar Investment Management Ltd

Bricar was acquired to allowed Elevation to gain access to the London market. Bricar was a well established North London practice, where the need was to establish succession infrastructure around the IFA and administration teams. The owner now heads up business development for the new IFA team to follow up on. All administration and compliance follows the central process.

Ellerton Knight – December 2012

Elevation acquired the IFA division of Ellerton Knight which retained its commercial insurance arm. This account was a well established business with potential for development post RDR. Elevation retained key back office staff in the deal as well as IT systems that were instrumental to seeing the account double in size after only 3 years.

Assent Financial Consultancy LLP – July 2014

Assent was an outright purchase of a valuable Cotswolds based investment management business. Elevation was able to quickly make personal contact with all Assents clients,  spread across England, and transfer over systems such that service continued unaffected.

Kerry & Green Financial Services Ltd – November 2015

Here it was essential to establish genuine personal contact quickly, as both Directors were looking to retire quickly. Having a local Elevation Director based in the East Midlands has meant that the transition has received exceptional focus – with the process running smoothly post completion.

Financial Therapy – November 2016

Financial Therapy bolstered our presence in the South East. They were a well-established IFA practice with an owner looking to find an organisation that could serve his clients and enable him to enter retirement with as little worry as possible. Once again the key focus was minimal disruption during the client hand over period.

DCS Financial Planning Ltd – December 2017

Birmingham central. Fitted well with the expansion of the Elevation IFA base in Birmingham. This business managed @£40m of FUM with £202,000 of recurring fees – turnover of £290,000.  This account has been transformed from advisory to many clients choosing to select Discretionary fund management with Elevation.

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