Tony’s role is to identify quality IFA practices to integrate into EFG. Tony has many years of successful experience in this field. Uniquely, he has the perspective and understanding of a practitioner that has acquired and been acquired.

Tony established Perspective Financial Management Ltd, (PFM) in 1995, which grew significantly during the 2000s. Up to 2008, PFM successfully acquired a number of smaller IFA firms within the south midlands and London area. The key to the success of this model was to retain trust with clients, harness the strong features of the firm being acquired, then complement this with adding the strengths of a larger firm.

In 2008 PFM was sold to a new national consolidation vehicle, which became Perspective Financial Group, where Tony became a main board Director, responsible for the acquisition and integration of practices on a national basis, until retiring from the group in 2011.

In 2012, Tony created and invested in EFG. The passion behind the business model was to deliver a Client centric IFA acquisition business. His mantra of ‘Look after the client and the client will look after us’ has applied throughout and the business has grown absolutely to plan from 2011 until the present.

In his spare time Tony likes to pretend that he is 25 again and keep wicket for his local cricket team. The fall to the ground is always a lot quicker than the ‘instalment’ rise back to  the upright position after a failed catch attempt.