Elevation Financial Group (EFG), is a privately owned company which was formed in 2011, as a specialist National consolidator of Independent Financial Adviser (IFA’s) practices throughout the UK. Established by IFAs, EFG delivers bespoke solutions for IFA firms looking to sell their businesses either now or in the near future.

EFG is ‘The IFA Integration Company’. Acquisition in our mind should mean integration. We will look to apply best practice methods that will only enhance the current client experience as well as harnessing processes that have made your firm the success that it is.

Because EFG was established by IFAs, we properly understand how an IFA practice works. Appreciating the culture and operating methods of your business is key to a successful transitional stage.

EFG wholly owns Elevation Investment Management Ltd (EIM), which is a directly authorised IFA firm, (www.elevation-im.co.uk). Companies that are acquired will normally be integrated directly into EIM or become an Appointed Representative firm (AR) of the company, if the purchase is on a deferred basis. (See ‘Valuation’ tab). EIM has offices currently in Birmingham, London and has an AR firm Elevation Investment Management (East Midlands) in Nottinghamshire.